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Kim is the President and was a founding member of the Committee in 2012 and Vice President in 2013.

Kim has been on the WI committee since the very first meeting because she just can't help volunteering for things. At work, she organises things so that people can learn lovely new skills; outside of work she...does the same thing for the WI members! At weekends, she can usually be found visiting stately homes, browsing second hand bookshops and tackling increasingly mad sewing projects. Kim also enjoys adventures, trips to the theatre and drinks that come in interesting glasses. She is rarely seen without a scarf and has very strong opinions on the correct order to put jam and cream on scones.



Sarah has taken on the role of Secretary as in her working life as a PA she got paid to be bossy. She has been a member of WI for 2.5 years and was previously part of the fundraising team. As she enjoys all things stitchy, baking and gardening, Sarah strives to be a domestic goddess but only wishes she had the style of Nigella and the ability of Mary. She is a huge fan of GBBO and Strictly and also enjoys going out for afternoon tea and Mediterranean holidays. Sarah has been happily married to the very tolerant Jeremy for 23 years. 


MCS Rep (Membership Communication System Rep)

Jane joined The Swindon WI at a very early meeting and has been hooked ever since! Officially, she's a retired teacher but has returned to the classroom a few times - it keeps her young! She keeps busy with a variety of U3A groups (Pilates, crochet, embroidery and travel), voluntary work (reading, cooking, crafting with primary school aged children and adults with special learning needs) as well as chatting with friends (over numerous cups of coffee!!!) and some walking and slow running. She is passionate about getting people cooking and crafting and will help anyone who asks!!



To balance out her love of chocolate and all things sweet, Nicola is also mildly obsessed with health food, juicing and homemade soups. She has perfected the art of 'pottering' and gets an unusual amount of pleasure from writing and rewriting lists (including sub-lists). At weekends she enjoys trying out new recipes, walking or cycling with her husband, eating out, and visiting local places of interest. Since joining the WI Nicola is working to improve her crafting skills and baking, but still needs a lot of guidance and practice.


Social Media Officer

Most often seen with a pair of scissors in her hand, Ali is a hairdresser by day & crafter of unfinished projects by night. When not attached to shears of some description she can be found obsessing about her hamsters, fending off her cats, drinking copious amounts of tea, listening to records, reading endless Agatha Christie & tootling round the Wiltshire countryside on her bicycle in search of cake.

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