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A look back at 2013

2013 Meetings:
  • Tuesday 22nd January 2013 - Badge Making & People Bingo *Meeting cancelled due to snow*

  • Tuesday 26th February 2013 - AGM (we reviewed the year & elected a new committee)

  • Tuesday 26th March 2013 - Make up demonstration with Philomena Liston *cancelled* Replaced by Badge Making & People Bingo

  • Tuesday 23rd April 2013 - Vintage Hairstyling demonstration with Lady She of SheUnique ( - Demonstration of 30s, 40s and 50s hair, and a display of outfits from those eras too.

  • Tuesday 28th May 2013 - Crafty Quilting - Due to unforseen circumstances, the scheduled quilting demo did not go ahead. But a fun evening of quilting, chatting and cake was still on the cards, as our own in-house quilters and crafters stepped up and showed us what they know.

  • Tuesday 25th June 2013 - Healthy Living Talk (included how to make your own cleaning products)

  • Tuesday 23rd July 2013 - Salsa, Rumba, Jive & Cha cha cha basics - An evening of dancing with local dance teacher Amanda Gibson.

  • Tuesday 27th August 2013 - Singing Workshop, from vocal exercises to three-part harmonies. We limbered up the vocal chords a little with members of Swindon Scratch Choir.

  • Tuesday 24th September 2013 - An evening led by the Fundraising Committee where we made some Christmas tree decorations for the Christmas Craft Fair on 24th November. Fundraising Committee members kindly cut out some felt shapes all ready to decorate and embellish to our heart's content.

  • Tuesday 22nd October 2013 - Theatrical make-up demonstration with Philomena Liston. Just in time for Halloween, we learnt how to make ourselves, or our little ones, look the part while trick-or-treating.

  • Tuesday 26th November 2013 - The Science Talk about nuclear energy, by a member of Swindon's Science Research Council.

  • Tuesday December 2013 - Christmas Meeting - Food and games at the Moose Hall.


2013 Events:
  • Saturday 6th July 2013 - Summer Garden Party at TWIGS

  • Saturday 10th August 2013 - Stall at Swindon Pride, Town Gardens

  • Sunday 24th November 2013 - Stall at Commonweal School Christmas Craft Market

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